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Power Protection Misconceptions

Controlling costs and increasing efficiency using UPS systems BY JOHN COLLINS, Eaton Corporation Controlling energy costs and increasing electrical efficiency are both common topics among today’s data center operators. However, making certain power is both dependable and clean can sadly often be...

Safety of Surge Protection Devices

How to prevent catastrophic failures BY DAVID KOMM, Mersen Electrical Protection A surge protective device (SPD) plays an important role in protecting critical electronic components. However, all SPDs are sacrificial devices and, depending on the design and construction of the device, when it...

Mission-Critical Protection

Increasing power backup reliability with flywheel energy storage BY FRANK DELATTRE, VYCON When it comes to protecting critical operations from power failures, a company can never be too prepared, especially with a world that requires 24/7 operations and availability. By definition, being properly...

UPS Systems

Line-Interactive UPS

Line-Interactive UPS in Scalable IT Infrastructure

In the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure, reliable and flexible power solutions are paramount. Scalable line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide an essential service to growing IT networks by adapting to increasing power demands without the need for complete system...


Surge Protection in IT Environments

Understanding the basics in protecting power systems


It’s no secret that power-related issues can hurt business operations, but all too often proper power protection is overlooked or misunderstood, causing a variety of issues including costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction and data loss. According to the International Data Corporation, power disturbances account for about one-third of all server failures. In addition, the U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that 93 percent of companies that...

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