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Customized course by one of Canada’s leading experts in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential electrical installations.

2024 CE Code Training - Better Understanding of the Rules

CE Code training is intended to do a lot more than instruct about what changes have taken place since the last time Canada issued a national electrical code. We are producing a series of courses across Canada by one of Canada’s leading experts on the 2024 Edition of Canada’s Electrical Code to help electrical professionals on the effective application through an improved understanding of the intent of the rules. Also, our course will instruct electrical...

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Introducing Intelligent Power Today

Welcome to Intelligent Power Today Magazine, our publication that explores and explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of intelligent electrical devices, a collection of complex mechanical devices and sophisticated control systems used in industrial, commercial, and institutional...

Power Quality Training

Power Quality & Grounding

The Art of Ground Testing

Correcting the misconceptions of ground testing BY JEFF JOWETT, Megger Ground resistance testing is sometimes described as an “art”, and indeed something can be said for that description. Familiarity with the basic issues and common problems, however, can take much of the “art” out of it...

Power Usage Effectiveness in Data Centers

Guidance for calculation of efficiency in data centers BY VICTOR AVELAR, Schneider Electric The benefits of determining data center infrastructure efficiency as part of an effective energy management plan are widely recognized. The standard metrics of power usage effectiveness (PUE) and its...

Go with the Power Flow

The importance of load studies BY KATHLEEN WOLF-DAVIS with CASY HENRY, Megger If you’re running an industrial power system—whether for an airport, a mill, a factory or a smelter—you’re focused on more than the traditional utility concept of keeping the lights on. You definitely need that...


Insulation Resistance (IR) test, often called Megger test, is more than 100 years old and assumed to be a very straightforward test. During my inspection and testing work in the past 15 years in Canada, US, and internationally, I have seen different practices of performing and interpretation of IR...

Electrical Grounding and the Weather

How resistance testing is affected by the elements


Ground resistance testing is affected by the weather as much as any common electrical test—and sometimes even more so. Both the instrument and the test item are affected. With ground resistance testing, the test item is not so readily managed as a motor or electrical circuit which can be dried, cleaned, placed in a controlled environment or some other adaptation to accommodate easy or standardized testing. Here, the “test item” is actually a complex interplay between the grounding electrode and its soil environment. Both of these elements will...