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Introducing Intelligent Power Today

Welcome to Intelligent Power Today Magazine, our publication that explores and explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of intelligent electrical devices, a collection of complex mechanical devices and sophisticated control systems used in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities—also known as intelligent buildings.

According to the Institute for Building Efficiency, intelligent buildings use smart technologies to improve system functionality, control operating costs, and to keep building occupants safe, secure, comfortable, and, of course, productive.

Power Consumption
Industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors consume the greatest amount of power generated in North America. The industrial sector alone is responsible for 39 percent of total electricity consumption. It follows that building owners and operators must continuously monitor and manage their energy usage in order to control costs.

Smart technology has become the preferred method to accomplish this goal. Building owners and operators can manage energy usage more effectively using integrated systems for many different functions (for example, opening and closing doors, notification of intrusions).

Integrated infrastructure helps a building’s access and security system operate almost seamlessly. Furthermore, building systems such as lighting and centralized control can exchange data interactively using an integrated infrastructure.

Intelligent Power Today Magazine provides information on how smart technologies can help industrial, commercial, and institutional energy consumers control consumption and use power more efficiently, thus reducing costs.

Intelligent electrical devices are used to enhance the performance of a building’s communications system. A reliable communications infrastructure is necessary in order to integrate building systems such as security, fire alarms, and lighting as well as to effectively exchange data between these systems.

Personal computers usually manage integrated systems using data processing communication techniques (wired, wireless).

Intelligent Power Today Magazine focuses on how electrical devices can be used to overcome communications issues such as data security, resilience, and redundancy. We cover standards, conventions, and manufacturers’ protocols that can help address integration considerations. Additionally, we cover forthcoming communications technologies that require full interoperability.

Intelligent building concepts such as after-hours building access are already established and the benefits can be cost effective. Building owners and operators save on costs, while occupants appreciate the improved comfort, security, as well as other enhanced functionalities.

Capital costs, expenses, and revenue are significant, which means that building owners and operators must correctly assess the financial implications such as time value of money. Intelligent Power Today Magazine provides information that can help readers connect the dots on possible costs as well as outline the benefits and drawbacks to electrical devices and systems.

Additionally, Intelligent Power Today Magazine gives electrical engineering and maintenance personnel who are responsible for specifying, designing, engineering, installing and maintaining intelligent electrical devices and systems an opportunity to learn how to efficiently optimize electrical devices and systems. More importantly, IPT is a forum for building owners and facility managers to learn—and ask the necessary questions—about smart technologies.

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