The Silver Lining of Cloud Security


Design engineers and software developers continue to search for new methods to use cutting-edge technologies to deploy new smart power applications at a rapid pace. The end goal: boost building productivity and maximize the company budget. Cloud computing is one technology used to deliver data to workers as conveniently and securely as possible.


Cloud computing in its current format has been commercially available for mostly the last five years. In the short time, the technology has managed to become a common solution. Moreover, the move to cloud computing, more commonly referred to as ‘the cloud’, has become a fundamental shift in the information technology (IT) landscape. Cloud computing is on par with the move from mainframes to client-server architectures in the 1980s and the explosion of the World Wide Web in the ’90s.


We believe that cloud computing is the biggest transformation the IT industry has seen in the last 20 to 25 years. Cloud computing is beginning to transform the way organizations engage with customers, partners, and suppliers, to increase flexibility and streamline operations. The technology makes it much easier and faster for the organization to implement new business services and to create new revenue opportunities.

As with the previous IT shifts, security has become a concern. Intelligent Power Today Magazine will help explain the benefits of cloud technologies as well as identify and address data security risks. Despite lingering misrepresentations about cloud technologies and security, this model is proven to be secure, transformative, and empowering.

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