Smart Lighting for Energy Efficiency


How to save energy and receive a quick payback

BY DAWN MORRISON, Graybar Canada

It seems like everything is increasing in price these days, especially when it comes to energy. Electricity often has a very large impact on the bottom line, particularly when it comes to industrial facilities and commercial businesses. In these cases, two of the key contributors of energy consumption are inefficient lighting and improperly controlled motor loads.


Lighting Audit
When a lighting audit is done, the company performing the audit provides a complete documentation of existing lamps and fixtures along with the calculations of current energy consumption. Based on those results, they will then provide a recommendation of replacement lamps and fixtures along with the corresponding calculations of energy consumption by the proposed lamps and fixtures. With the use of payback calculation software, a dollar value can be matched to the energy savings to figure out what the payback would be with the proposed lamps and fixtures.

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