Saving Money with LED Lighting Solutions

Photo credit: Dialight Corporation

Cost-cutting suggestions for industrial facilities

BY MICHAEL SCHRATZ, Dialight Corporation

Industrial, commercial and institutional building owners are looking at different lighting options to increase energy efficiency and save money. One option
that can help building owners achieve these goals is LED (light emitting diodes).

Before such an investment, a facility using high-pressure sodium light fixtures has dimmer lighting, burning through money due to higher maintenance costs, and a higher electricity bill due to energy usage. However, after a facility is retrofitted with LED lighting fixtures, it has improved light quality, longevity and energy efficiency.

The bottom line is that Canadian companies are striving to run leaner and more efficient operations. Upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting has become one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach both financial and environmental goals.

Considered a “low-hanging fruit” by many facilities that have made the switch,
lighting retrofit projects can deliver significant time, money and energy savings, as well as help improve overall productivity, safety and security. This feature examines how industrial facilities can save money with LED lighting solutions.

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