Power Usage Effectiveness in Data Centers

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Guidance for calculation of efficiency in data centers

BY VICTOR AVELAR, Schneider Electric

The benefits of determining data center infrastructure efficiency as part of an effective energy management plan are widely recognized. The standard metrics of power usage effectiveness (PUE) and its reciprocal data center infrastructure efficiency (DCIE) have emerged as recognized standards. In this feature, PUE will be used as the efficiency metric. All discussions equally apply to DCIE.

In the course of providing energy audits for data centers, Schneider Electric has identified a number of practical problems with establishing the PUE of specific data centers.

One or more of the practical problems are frequently present in typical data centers, and are almost always present in data centers that exist in a shared-use facility like an office building. Since most data center operators who attempt to determine PUE will encounter one or more of the aforementioned problems, a standard way to deal with them should be defined. That is the purpose of this feature in Electrical Source Magazine.

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