When Purchasing Electrical Wire

Photo credit: Cerro Wire

Buy quality and save money when purchasing electrical wire


Just as two cars may be of vastly different quality even though both have one steering wheel and four tires, not all wire is exactly the same, even though it appears to be on the outside. Those purchasing building wire should be aware that wire manufactured “on the cheap” may come in the same sizes as high quality wire, and may nominally meet the same Underwriter Laboratories (UL) standards, but that does not mean it will perform as well as better quality wire.

To ensure that wire you buy can be easily installed and get the job done, look for three key factors that signal high quality wire: the wire is produced using length control techniques to make sure you get what you paid for; insulation is applied using co-extrusion; and wire is inspected with quality control equipment that measures dimensional control, detects defects, and tests for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation integrity.

The first factor to look for begins with asking this question: Are you getting exactly what you are paying for in your building wire? When purchasing electrical wire, ensure that the wire you purchase is manufactured using length control, this is a question you can actually answer. When wire contains an accurate footage mark, it allows for quick identification of the re-order point, guaranteeing the full purchased wire length and reducing random lengths. This better controls end-of-reel scrap, prevents the need to carry excess cable inventory, providing precision length, accurate footage, and cost control.

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