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How companies can save money with Gen2 lighting

BY TOM SALPIETRA, EYE Lighting International

Lighting upgrades are a popular and easy way to save on energy. Changing to solid-state lighting may be costly, and some early adopters have not been fully satisfied with the light-emitting-diode (LED) performance claims that some manufacturers have made. That’s not to say LEDs are a poor option. Owners, operators and contractors must make informed choices about the right light source for any application if they really want to save on energy.

Behind the scenes over the last couple of years, lamp manufacturers have been quietly working on their Gen2 version of “ceramic technology” lamps or lamps using ceramic technologies. Ceramic is the best-of-the-best blend of the old standby mercury, high-pressure sodium (HPS) and quartz metal halide (QMH) lamps. Those traditional HID lamps make up a great majority of the installed base of highbay, lowbay, parking lot, wall-mount, and street and area lighting sources.

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